Octopus pendant in sterling silver.

This design began as a study in organic sculpture using digital processes. It was originally produced as a large, direct-to-metal, 3D print in stainless steel.

I have spent the last few months refining this model to reduce the size and have it produced in sterling silver.

I am very, very excited about the amount of detail achievable through the processes used to make such a stunning piece. Currently ON SALE, for a limited time, in my online jewelry store.

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Wear it either way, it's highly detailed all around.

File sizes when using ZBrush for 3D printing...

640,000 total points ~ 64mB file size

While sculpting in ZBrush your files can be as large as your system can handle. I usually sculpt at or around 4,000,000 points. To output your file for 3D printing however, you must decimate the model to 640,000 total points, or fewer, before you export to .stl format.

All 3D printers will print faster with smaller file sizes and most service providers (shapeways.commatter.ioi.materialize.com, etc...) require that you keep your files below 64mB.

--- just some notes for me to reference in the future.