Skull Reference - published 2003 (Out of print)

          A collection of 151 contour-line drawings of a human skull published in 2003 as a spiral-bound book. I created the 151 different viewing angles in an effort to supply the tattoo industry with comprehensive collection of human skull related reference material. It has been an overwhelming success and I wish to extend my sincerest thank you to everyone who purchased the book. As of 2012 the book has gone out of print and is no longer available.  Below is an Adobe flash-based interactive version of the book that I created in 2003 (Sorry iPhone users you're outta luck). This program was distributed on the cd-rom that came with the wire bound book until 2008. I am posting it here, for free, for anyone to use.

Mouse over the grid below and choose the angle that you wish to use. Make a screen grab (On a Mac press Command (⌘)+Shift+3; On a PC press Print Screen).

In 2007 I published the Skull Project - limited edition hardcover, a compilation of finished paintings from 151 different artists from 18 different countries. Each image in the Skull Project is based specifically on one of the pages from the Skull Reference book.

Skull Project - Limited Edition Hardcover.
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