Skull Project - Limited edition hardcover.

By Matthew Amey

151 artists from 18 different countries!

Paintings by Filip Leu, Titine Leu, Jack Rudy, Corey Miller, Shige, Shawn Barber and many many more. 

Skull Project - Limited Edition Hardcover.
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Page 1 : Oil on canvas by Matthew Amey

Page 1 : Oil on canvas by Matthew Amey

Limited Edition Hardcover with embellished slipcase; Series of 2000

Signed and numbered by Matthew Amey

--- Press Release from 2007 ---

Skulls have been used to signify danger, as religious icons, and to represent both piracy and secret societies. A skull can be evil, mystical, chilling, sorrowful or even comical. And it is a constant reminder of our fragile mortality.

This paradox fascinated tattoo artist Matthew Amey and led him to develop the Skull Reference Book in 2003— a collection of 151 line drawings to aid himself and other artists who are inspired by the many ‘faces’ of the human skull.

Now he has gone one step further: he took those drawings and asked 150 artists from 18 countries to draw or paint their interpretation of the image they were given. The results are compiled in Skull Project, a limited edition hardcover book that has just been released by TossAmey Press.

“The diversity of styles and techniques the participating artists used is phenomenal,” says Amey. “The book is a compilation of images that are in turn alluring, sinister, and absurd.”

An essay by Philadelphia tattoo artist Dave Fox opens the book and artwork by some of the most recognized names in tattooing can be found inside, including works by Filip and Titine Leu, Jack Rudy, Tin-Tin, Joe Capobianco, Tim Lehi, and Mike Giant.

With just 2000 copies available, Skull Project is a collector’s item. The hardcover edition comes tucked into an embellished slipcase and is hand-signed and numbered by Amey.



Samples pages from the book. 

Samples pages from the book.